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I am offering my services in exchange for the covid-19 donation. Make a covid donation to any Central or State Govt. of India or any Indian NGOs of minimum 500 INR or 7 USD.

I can help you with interview preparation, software development, side project, article writing, technical ebook writing tips, portfolio building, blogging tips, blog website creation, productivity tips or just a simple chit chat in this hard time.

My experience can help from freshers to 7-8 years of experience.

Share the receipt of your donation to, after that, I'll accept the meeting invite.

  1. 15 mins - 500 INR/7 USD
  2. 30mins - 1000 INR/15 USD
  3. 45 mins - 2000 INR/ 30 USD

For any queries regarding the meeting schedule or new meeting, time drop me an email at I am not offering code review, code fix or coding stuff.