I'm Shubham Chadokar

I'm a software engineer and a learner. This is a documentation website of my learnings for my future self.

Shubham Chadokar

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Personal Website for my articles and tutorials.

My Calc

my-calc cli built in golang using cobra library. It do the basic addition operation.

Go To Do App

This is a to-do list application. It's server is created in Golang, db is mongodb and client is in React.

Redis Go Server

A prebuild golang server to work with redis db.

Coffee Hai

Coffee hai is a project of journey of a coffee. It is microservice project built using golang, reactjs, mysql, redis, docker, restapi, grpc.


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Playtime with Hyperleder Composer

Create a supplychain management project in Blockchain using Hyperledger Composer.



May 2020 Pune Gophers

Link to the presentation.