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Flashback 2020

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Finally, an another year ends with lots of memory and lost days. Unlike many years, this year was an exception.

A deadly virus come out of China, may be one of the deadliest of the century. With this single event all the perceptions of life has changed.

Not going in that. Lets starts.

Like all the new year, in 2020 I also made few resolutions. Gym, join some salsa classes, have at least 4-5 trips, dubai expo 2020, reunion with few friends, 50 articles and a few more which I don’t remember.

It starts really well. In the beginning, I felt like this is the year when I will finally adhere to my resolutions.

But due to wuhan virus(aka corona) all the parameters turn 180 degree.

A Summary #

  • Wrote 35 Articles
  • Wrote 1 ebook Playtime with Hyperledger Composer
  • Switched to a new Company Deloitte as a Solution Advisor
  • Published 1st article on freecodecamp
  • Wrote 6-7 articles for a couple of other publications
  • Talks @PuneGophers and @LondonGophers
  • Reached 1000+ reputation on stackoverflow
  • New skills: serverless with nodejs and golang using aws, oauth, ejs, grpc, nginx,
  • Completed 1 udemy course on algorithms by stephen grider.
  • Cooking skills on a new level: Dal bati, dhokla, cake, paneer(butter, masala, bhurji, shahi), upama, pasta.
  • Started a new SaaS project. Initial phase complete.
  • Still managed to meet with my 3 friends(Kesar, Shobhit, Vivek)
  • Watched many tv series but from them these are worth watching: Money Heist, The Umbrella Academy, Dark, Dr. Stone(Anime), Mandalorian, Mirzapur, The Family Man, Special Ops, The Expanse, Panchayat
  • And Last bye bye Long hairs

There is lot more but don’t remember much :P