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How to Run Javascript Code

·2 mins

In this post, I will try to document the different ways to run the javascript code.

As a beginner, you always need a simple way to run the code and test it.

Browser Console #

The best way to test a piece of code is Browser console.

Open any browser except Internet Explorer as it doesn’t support many modern javascript feature.

Press ctrl+shift+I or right click and select Inspect.

In the console tab you can write the javascript code and run.


Run Offline using Nodejs #

Install nodejs in your machine.

Write the javascript code in the .js file and run using node command.

Demo #

Create a file hello.js and paste the below code.

console.log("hello world!");

Open terminal or cmd in the location of hello.js.

Run the code using node.

node hello.js

Online Editor #

There are many javascript online editors are available.

Few of them are:

Javascript Playground By Stephen Grider #

This is my way to go playground to test the js code.

It is created by Stephen Grider. JSPlayground

This is a open-source GitHub project which you can fork and run it locally.

Quokka.js #

This is a extension available in VS Code.

This is a real time js editor. With each line it shows what is the result.

Checkout this short tutorial by Brad Traversy on Youtube.

Conclusion #

This is my small list to test js code.

If you have other great tools or library, please ping me on twitter. I will update it here.